Our Platinum membership gives you any necessary Fillings included as part of your scheme as well as 10% Off Non-Standard Treatments. As a Platinum member you also receive extra savings on Teeth Whitening with 20% off our Zoom ‘Celebrity’ Whitening and a free top-up gel every year.

To join our Platinum Membership you will need to complete a clinical assessment in house. Your dentist will need to ensure you are dentally fit before joining our Platinum Plus scheme. Once verified a member of our reception team will be more than happy to sign you up. The signing up process is simple and will only take 5 minutes. Please ensure you bring details of your account number and sort code.

To register your interest and book your clinical assessment please call 01732 779192 or email us on info@RiverheadDental.co.uk

    * Platinum plan requires a clinical assessment prior to joining. You must be clinical stable before you are accepted on to our Platinum membership scheme.
  1. Standard treatments include Fillings, Extractions, Root Canals, Acrylic Dentures, Inlays/Onlays, Crowns and Fissure Sealants. All specialist treatments excluded.
  2. Whitening Discount – Valid for Zoom ‘Celebrity White’ treatment. Cannot be used with any other whitening promotions.
  3. Whitening for life includes 1x Free Whitening Top up gel per annum. Only valid if completed Zoom ‘Celebrity White’ treatment at the practice
  4. Treatment for fillings only available on our Platinum and Platinum+ plans. Patients will only receive fillings if clinically necessary, not for cosmetic reasons. Does not include root canal fillings.
  5. Non-Standard treatments include Dental Bridges, Implants, Orthodontics, Perio treatment, Flexidentures and Chrome Dentures, Veneers, Nightguards and Sportguards when carried out by a General Dentist, not a Specialist.
  6. Annual Savings based on Standard care: Dental Examinations, Hygiene, Fluoride Application, X Rays and average spend of £145.83 per year (based on 2016 annual average spend figures). Platinum plans include cost of 1x Filling (2 surfaces) and based on average spend of £123.62. Savings rounded up to nearest pound.



per month *

2x Dental Examinations

4x Hygiene Appointments

X -Rays Included (up to 4)

Emergency Assessment

20% Discount on Standard Treatments 1

Flexible Appointment Times

Special Plan Promotions

Fluoride Applications

20% Discount on Zoom Celebrity Whitening 2

Free Top up Whitening Gel per annum 3

Fillings Included 4 

10% Discount on Non-Standard Treatments 5