Changing Dentistry For You

See the dentist and check your dental health from the comfort of your own home! We are now offering virtual appointments and video consultations via our amazing software, easy to setup, use, and keep in touch with our doctors and to maintain your dental health.

Forget everything you are used to visiting the dentist!  Does 24h access to our clinicians wherever you are and whenever suit You?
Is staying in full control of your oral health and attractive smile good enough reason to read further?

We are now offering all registered with Riverhead Dental and new Customers access to our Exclusive VIP Program.
We don’t want to offer pay as you go dentistry anymore, as we feel it is dentistry of the past, and does not benefit our patients enough.

The time has come for a modern and caring approach and we want only the best for our customers. We want to be able to give our patients enough time and attention. Only this approach allows to listen to their needs and wishes, and fulfil their expectations, both health and appearance related.
This is all for our customers’ safety and convenience, and respect for their time.

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