Regular dental care – both at home and at your dentist not only saves your teeth, it also saves you money. 

Did you know that every pound invested in preventive oral health care now will save between £8 and £50 now in restorative care later ?
Visiting the dentist isn’t high on everyone’s priority list. But if you consider that these trips could be saving you thousands of pounds, you may find that your perspective shifts.
Regular visits for routine cleaning and maintenance and check ups lets your dentist stay ahead of any developing concerns. And the earlier you can identify a potential dental concern, the more options you have to proactively deal with it, or potentially avoid issues altogether.
By investing a little bit of time and money in making regularly visits to your dentist, you can save the cost of expensive treatments worth thousands of pounds later. A full mouth reconstruction can cost between £35,000 and £65,000. Here’s a video we recently published which talks more about this.

If you want to find our more about how to improve your oral health and save money, get in touch to find out more.