Smile Makeover Sevenoaks, Kent

Our unique smile test-drive allows you to ‘wear’ your new smile before committing to any treatments. Our dentists take a mould of your mouth and technicians produce a perfectly safe, plastic mockup of your teeth which incorporates your intended treatments. You can wear this mockup and even eat and drink with it for 24 hours to show your friends and family how your teeth will look. When both you and we are happy with your smile then your ‘test-drive smile’ is converted into your permanent smile. You get the perfect smile for you.

Smile Makeover Sevenoaks, Kent

Do you want to upgrade your smile ?

Have you got an important event to attend ? Or a new job?

Are you dating again ?

If you could make a wish and have the smile of your dreams, how would it look ?

What would you like to change in the appearance of your smile ?

We can do what you need and it will make a massive difference to your confidence.