Orthodontics Treatment, Sevenoaks, Kent
Orthodontics Treatment, Sevenoaks, Kent

The word orthodontics has its roots in a Greek verb meaning ‘to straighten teeth,’ and today means a branch of dentistry ensuring the correct positioning of teeth rather than their maintenance.

Orthodontics is the use of devices such as braces to solve dental problems such as overcrowding, poorly spaced teeth, cross bites and overbites. Although mainly used to treat children and adolescents, it can also be beneficial for adults.

Riverhead Dental Practice is proud to have offered 'Alternative' Orthopeadic Orthodontics, non extraction braces, for 15 years and has helped 100's of patients. We are really excited to be able to offer you a choice of orthodontic solutions, suitable for your needs and lifestyle. Our clinicians have been accepting orthodontic referrals from other dentists for a number of years. We have experience in several different orthodontic systems, and have been providing clinical support to fellow orthodontists for over 8 years.



Other Treatment Options Available include:


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