Emergency Dentist Sevenoaks, KentEmergency Dentist Sevenoaks, Kent

Our emergency dentist service will always endeavour to see anyone in pain on the same day.
So, even if you are not registered with Riverhead Dental Practice, do not be concerned. The receptionists will always offer you the dentists first available appointment when you telephone and so you will be seen quickly.
See one of our dentists for any Dental problems, including:

  • toothache
  • broken tooth
  • dental pain/emergency
  • bleeding gums
  • broken/fallen out crown/inlay/veneers
  • denture problems/adjustments
  • loose dentures
  • denture additions
  • wisdom teeth

Our dentists and our staff understand that you may feel anxious about any problems you have. Please remember – they are here for you, and will support you all the way.

You will also routinely be given a full costing before any treatment commences and you can take your time to consider this, if that is what you want.

So, you can have the emergency treatment straight away, or you can book another appointment.