Most people find someone with good teeth and a nice smile more trustworthy. Teeth make more of a lasting first impression than any other facial feature. For around 30% of people, it's the first thing they notice.

An attractive smile has a positive effect on one’s career, social life, and overall self-esteem. Research has shown that even infants are drawn to people with attractive smiles more than to those generally perceived as unattractive.

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Download 'Good looking, Happy and Healthy - How an attractive smile can improve your life' by Dr Patricia Szymczak, by clicking the link below


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To ALL our amazing Riverhead Dental clients,
We are extremely happy to announce Riverhead Dental will be re-open from 2nd June. We have re-designed our services and service delivery to ensure complete safety for our patients and staff, we are keen to help our patients resolve their dental health issues please call 01732 779192 or email to book an appointment.
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