Shiny clean teeth with airflow

Airflow tooth polishing is a well known innovative method of dental cleaning. It is in my opinion absolutely fantastic! 

Airflow successfully tackles persistent staining caused by our daily food and drink, leaving the mouth feeling cleaner and fresher. As you can probably tell I am a great fan of this cleaning method,. I believe that there is absolutely nothing else on the market that would be even comparable with effectiveness of this treatment. Your teeth will never feel as clean, as fresh, as light as after airflow treatment. And if you are a heavy smoker with lots of tobacco stain, or a fan of red wine, curry or other colourful foods and drinks, you may not recognise your teeth following Airflow Treatment.

Airflow has the added advantage of achieving amazing results without risking any damage to your teeth and also combats discoloring all in one go.

Does it hurt?

Oh no, do’t worry. It is a bit like a touch-less car wash experience, or if you prefer, a tiny sand storm in your mouth, just gentler! The airflow system has been carefully designed and developed as an effective and safe hygiene treatment.

The mixture of air, sodium bicarbonate and water is nontoxic and therefore will not cause any harm if accidentally ingested.

This is a painless, non-invasive treatment and completely affordable way of making your teeth appear whiter by lifting off tough surface staining.  Get in touch to find out more.