Bridges & Dentures Sevenoaks, Kent

The World Heath Organisation class people without teeth as disabled as chewing ability and speech are severely compromised, we can provide you choices in how to replace any missing teeth. Our bridges & dentures can help you start enjoying the simple things in life again, like good food.

The Options

For people who have no remaining teeth:Bridges & Dentures Sevenoaks, Kent

  • Wearing complete dentures
  • Having Implants which secure dentures in place
  • Dentures
  • Leaving a gap, not having a replacement tooth
  • Having Implants which support Crowns and Bridges

For people who have one or a few missing teeth

  • Crowns and Bridges supported by Implants
  • Partial Dentures secured by Implants
  • Partial Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Leaving a gap, not having a replacement tooth


Our dentists are able to provide three grades of denture from a standard, natural-looking set to a custom designed, cosmetic choice for ultimate aesthetics.

We also make partial dentures supported on discreet, metal frameworks. We will be happy to advise you about the best denture to suit you and your budget.

Implant Dentures

Many older adults are turning towards dental implant supported dentures for their greater comfort and confidence with dentures. An upper implant supported denture need not cover the palate like a conventional denture, thus restoring the lost taste sensation that often goes hand in hand with an upper denture. Many people are often able to eat the foods they couldn’t with their old dentures.



These are used to replace missing teeth. The false tooth/teeth are permanently fixed to existing natural teeth. Like crowns, they are very natural looking and are designed to give a pleasing cosmetic result, as well as restoring good function to the bite.

These are used to replace missing teeth. They are attached to one or more teeth adjacent to the space. We can offer all-porcelain, high-strength bridges with no unsightly metal showing.